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Once upon a time there were four million, three thousand, two hundred and one ... PUGGLES, but now there are only a few bagfuls left, just like this one.

PUGGLES lived in the Australian bush under the ground in tunnels.  They came out of their holes at night to feed on their favourite tucker, split peas!  All night long they would PUGGLE-up every pea they could find, and as daylight approached, it would “dawn” on them that they had to get back home.

Waiting for them at their front doors would be the local people, (which is why they were called “early settlers”). Of course the PUGGLES had stuffed themselves so full of split peas that they couldn’t get down their holes and became stuck with their bottoms at the top, making them easy prey for the people who just loved PUGGLE pie.

So that is why, last thing at night, tie it up tightly and don’t let it out until the morning. This way the PUGGLES will not become extinct and maybe one day there will be as many PUGGLES as before. 

Now wouldn’t that be an eye-PUGGLING sight!

If you become the owner of a BABY PUGGLE, I hope it’s over 6 months old because if it’s not, you will be changing its nappy every 4 hours. 

The PUGGLE word means Peace, Understanding, Gentleness, Generosity, Love and Energy. Wherever PUGGLES go, they always leave behind one of those qualities. So spread the word … and the word is PUGGLE.

Watch Tony the Toy Maker tell the PUGGLE story ...

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