The Lost Forests 

News Update: April 2016

Hi everyone!

We did our best to get a fantastic Indiegogo campaign up and running. Thanks to those who got behind it - we appreciate you hugely!

Sadly we didn't reach our funding target which means we won't get to open a new Lost Forests store as quickly as we had hoped. We're looking forward to figuring out what the next step is in our wonderful 30+ year journey! 

If you didn't see our campaign video, you can still view it below.

Thanks again, everyone! 

The Lost Forests Team

The Lost Forest Indiegogo Campaign


Welcome to the The Lost Forests!

... the most unusual online gift shop in Australia! 

Nowhere else will you find our unique range of soft toys, books and CD's.

Our best selling children's book The Lost Forests brings the mystical 'OTHERWORLDS' to life with adorable PUGGLES, GIGALOT POSSUMS (if only they would stop laughing), MUSHY MUSHROOMS, CATASTROPHE CATS, and of course, the FLYING PIGMIES, whom without the OTHERWORLDS would have disappeared forever.

This wonderful tale of Mr Woodleigh and his talking trees, together with the help of the rare animals of the OTHERWORLDS, try to help Timothy Barber and his wife Rose back to the real world.

Available online NOW only $17.95!

Watch and listen to Tony the Toy Maker read some of the story on YouTube.

The Lost Forests Book


Purchase Your Lost Forest Toys & Books Today! 

We currently stock our famous Puggles in a Bag, Baby Puggles, Gigalot Possums, and a range of Lost Forest books. We are hoping to have more creatures from the OTHERWORLDS for sale in the near future.

View our full range by clicking 'ONLINE SHOP' in the list menu to the left of this page.

© The Lost Forests 2016

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