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Nowhere else will you find our unique range of soft toys and gifts.

Our best selling children's book The Lost Forests brings the mystical 'OTHERWORLDS' to life with adorable PUGGLES, GIGALOT POSSUMS (if only they would stop laughing), CATASTROPHE CATS, and of course, the FLYING PIGMIES, whom without the OTHERWORLDS would have disappeared forever.

This wonderful tale of Mr Woodleigh and his talking trees, together with the help of the rare animals of the OTHERWORLDS, try to help Timothy Barber and his wife Rose back to the real world.

Watch and listen to Tony the Toy Maker read some of the story on YouTube.


NEW STORE OPENING in Waterfont City, Docklands, Melbourne
November 2017

Joint Venture / Franchise opportunity available

Contact -
      Lost Forests Concept Waterfront City Shopfront 

The Lost Forests is being relaunched after 25 years!


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Just arrived from the OTHERWORLDS ... the Polar Puggle, Green Puggle, Red Puggle and Blue Puggle all in their own bags!

Blue Puggle

         Red Puggle in a Bag         Polar Puggle  Green Puggle in a Bag          Polar Puggle plus Baby     Green Puggle in a Bag plus Baby


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