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The Lost Forests 
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Catastrophe Cat truly gives the meaning of a cat that has 9 lives.

It seems that all cats are born with nine lives, and the first thing they learn to do very well is count up to nine.
It wouldn't do, I'm sure, for a cat to think it was living its sixth life when in fact it was onto its ninth and last one!
As each cat life ends, it's up to cat heaven they go (well, most of them). Their white tunics are clearly marked with the number of "the life" they have just left behind.  Everyone of the cats carry with them their C.O.D. certificate, which means "cause of death".
These detailed reports of their demise are collected, collated and cat-a-gorized in an effort to identify the most common causes of why cats "cash it in"!
It's been discovered that on average nine hundred and ninety nine cats per one thousand use their first life up in five months, twenty three days.

All of this catty information, along with life saving hints,is printed up in the cats own daily newspaper called " Furballs" Profits from Furballs are donated to the Feline Institute which funds the research program...........continued.


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